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ChronoSlider 1.1.2 is waiting for review!

The next big update of ChronoSlider will only support Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), since I’m working on iCloud support and using some awesome new features of the new operating system.

That’s why I decided to put up a quick minor update before releasing the new major version, since there were some annoying memory leaks and some highly requested features which I really want to have in the Snow Leopard version, for those who won’t update to Lion.

Besides a huge code optimization, the main new features are setting a quick alarm without an alarm text (using right click when choosing the time) and repeating alarm sounds.

I hope you’ll like it!

ChronoSlider ToDo List

I want to collect all your suggestions in this blog entry, so feel free to leave comments below and I’ll update the list permanently!

I’m working on the blue list entries.
The bold list entries are already implemented and will be released with the next update.
Strike throughstands for a fulfilled request ;-)

  • some new secret features :-D
  • create a “one-time” custom alarm message directly when setting a new alarm/timer (thanks Quiong)
  • reedit alarm text
  • give the option to show time in US standard (12 hour time with AM and PM, instead of a 24 hour clock) (thanks Thomasz)
  • - a way to manage and sort alarms
    - user profiles
    - sync (thanks Jan!)
  • disable alarms (thanks Johan!)
  • indicator (in the menubar) for active alarms (and make it optional, especially for JanS ;-)) 
  • option to set the “hour”-timer more accurately (half or quarter hours displayed) – (thanks Rafael!)
  • Option to make alarms persistent (pause and keep them in the list after alert. Thanks Thomas!)
  • set alarm volume independently of the system volume (thanks Michael again ;-))
  • in the “direct time”-zone, let the current time be in the middle of the screen (or let the user decide) (thanks Dominik)
  • option to disable “alarm-text-setting” for timers less than 1 hour (thanks Tomasz)
  • Chronoling tutorial (thanks Dominik)
  • automatically add newly created Chronolings to the alarm text list (thanks Dominik)
  • repeat alarm until cancelled (thanks Michael)
  • right click when choosing alarm time to set a quick alarm (without an alarm text)

I’m working heavily on full AppleScript support and on many other features right now but I’m looking forward to implement all your requests in the upcoming versions!

WordPress App (iOS)

Ich teste gerade die iPhone-App von WordPress. Sieht auf den ersten Blick sehr ordentlich aus, außer dass die Tastatur den getippten Text mittlerweile komplett verdeckt und ich die letzten paar Wörter blind tippe.


So jetzt scrollt’s wieder fleißig mit ;-)

Es hat nur die wichtigsten Funktionen (Textformatierungsoptionen fehlen, ich Frage mich ob man hier Links einfügen kann etc.).

Ok jetzt habe ich ausersehen frühzeitig auf Publish getippt aber immerhin herausgefunden dass man hier sozusagen HTML schreibt ;-)
Man kann also sehr wohl formatieren!

Mir gefällt’s und es ist kostenlos im AppStore: WordPress für iPhone und iPod Touch

Hier gibt es mehr infos: http://ios.wordpress.org/