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ChronoSlider 2.0.6 without “Sleep”-Chronolings

There is a small update on the current problems with the review process. Accessing Apple System Events in sandboxed mode (which is the only way now to build Apps for the Mac App Store) is not allowed anymore, so there is no way to implement a feature that could e.g. put the Mac into sleep (or restart etc.).

The other Chronolings – Play/Stop iTunes etc. – are working in 2.0.6 (Update is on the way and should be released in the next few days).

Sorry guys for disabling the Sleep feature, I’m thinking about releasing an App Store-free version which has all previously features implemented.

In the meantime feel free to send me a mail and I’ll send you a code signed version of ChronoSlider 2.0.6 where sleep till works!

ChronoSlider problems with Chronolings in version 2.0.5

Hi guys!

I had to implement sandboxing in ChronoSlider and unfortunately the Chronolings (which can control iTunes, Sleep etc.) stopped working due restrictions. I’ve already uploaded version 2.0.6 where I included temporary exceptions to allow some basic Apple Scripting, but it was rejected by the reviewer. I’m now trying to solve the problem with the review-team, so be patient!

The only solution for now is downgrade (via Time Machine) to version 2.0.4 or drop me a mail and I’ll send you an “App-Store-Free” copy of ChronoSlider 2.0.6 of course for free!


Antenne Bayern streaming App für den Mac

Diese App widme ich meiner Freundin Sarah ;-)

Sie ist kostenlos und streamt alle Antenne Bayern Sender – von Chillout über Schlager bis Kids für Hits – direkt auf den Mac (ohne Flashplayer oder iTunes). Außerdem zeigt sie den Interpreten und Songtitel des zuletzt gespielten Liedes (falls möglich).

Signiert und Gatekeeper-Freundlich ;-)

Download: für Mac OS X (1.9 MByte)


Venustransit 2012, unser Equipment, AstroWetter und Live Streams

Wir hoffen immer noch auf gutes Wetter und haben ein Celestron CGEM 1100 und eine Canon EOS 7D hier stehen, um hoffentlich ein paar schöne Fotos zu liefern, allerdings sieht es ganz danach aus, dass gerade ab ca. 4 Uhr der Himmel in Bayern komplett bedeckt sein wird.

Ich empfehle allen, die sich über das Wetter möglichst detailliert und “astronomfreundlich” informieren wollen die Website von Dort sieht man stündliche Vorhersagen zu Wolkenbedeckung (low, mid, high), Seeing, Jet Streams etc.

Ansonsten für alle, die nicht selber beobachten wollen/können (aus welchen Gründen auch immer ;-) aber zufällig ab 00:08 MESZ vor einem Computer mit Internetzugang sitzen, stehen folgende Live Streams zur Verfügung:

./desc – quickly describe your files

Everytime I work on scientific projects, I deal with a massive amount of measurement data, lists and fragments of them etc. The problem is, that after several days or weeks, my “descriptive” filenames aren’t that descriptive anymore and I simply don’t have a clue what I did and what’s in the file. I thought it would be nice, if there was a database which holds files descriptions.

I came up with a tiny script which I placed in ~/bin (part of my $PATH) and called it “desc”. If you run it when you’re in a specific directory where you want to store description data for some files, simple type:

desc yourFileToDescribe

…and you will be promted to enter a description. The description is then stored in ./.DESCRIPTION.db and can be accessed via the “desc”-script anytime you’re in the working directory.

Here is the script, just try it out:

# Tamas Gal -
# desc v0.1
# this script creates a file-description-entry in ./.DESCRIPTION.db


if (( ${#FILE_TO_DESCRIBE} == "0" )) ; then
if [ -e $DESCRIPTION_FILE ] ; then
echo "No description(s) available."

if [ -e $DESCRIPTION_FILE ] ; then
if (( `grep "$FILE_TO_DESCRIBE: " $DESCRIPTION_FILE | wc -l` > "0" )) ; then
read -p "Edit (y/n)? "
[ "$REPLY" == "y" ] || exit

echo "Enter description for '$FILE_TO_DESCRIBE':"

if (( ${#FILE_DESCRIPTION} != "0" )) ; then
echo "done"

GCC in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – Xcode 4.3 / Xcode 4.4

Hah! So since I’m a registered developer, I installed the preview version of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and of course Xcode 4.4 developer preview.

The operating system is stable as hell Lion, although Safari doesn’t like to parse RSS feeds ;-)

Today I wanted to compile the latest yarick release to do some simulations in quantum physics and discovered that neither cc nor gcc are located in “/usr/bin”. Instead they’re now inside the folder (which is normally located in “/Applications”).

Well, you can set the $PATH variable of your BASH/CSH-enviroment with (for bash):
export PATH=/Applications/$PATH
Just put that line into your .profile or .bash_profile and you’re fine.

Unfortunately you’re not fine at all, if you need the “non-llvm”-version of gcc. This has disappeared in Mountain Lion. Hah! Get MacPorts and install the gnu-gcc if you need it ;-)

Funny Dubstep Videos

On the one hand, I still didn’t figure out whether I like or hate dub step, on the other hand, I’m complete sure that I love funny videos which are related to dub step ;-) Here are some funny or remarkable dub step videos…

Awesome Dubstep Commercial

Harry Potter Pole Dance