Monthly Archives: January 2013

ChronoSlider 2.0.6 without “Sleep”-Chronolings

There is a small update on the current problems with the review process. Accessing Apple System Events in sandboxed mode (which is the only way now to build Apps for the Mac App Store) is not allowed anymore, so there is no way to implement a feature that could e.g. put the Mac into sleep (or restart etc.).

The other Chronolings – Play/Stop iTunes etc. – are working in 2.0.6 (Update is on the way and should be released in the next few days).

Sorry guys for disabling the Sleep feature, I’m thinking about releasing an App Store-free version which has all previously features implemented.

In the meantime feel free to send me a mail and I’ll send you a code signed version of ChronoSlider 2.0.6 where sleep till works!

ChronoSlider problems with Chronolings in version 2.0.5

Hi guys!

I had to implement sandboxing in ChronoSlider and unfortunately the Chronolings (which can control iTunes, Sleep etc.) stopped working due restrictions. I’ve already uploaded version 2.0.6 where I included temporary exceptions to allow some basic Apple Scripting, but it was rejected by the reviewer. I’m now trying to solve the problem with the review-team, so be patient!

The only solution for now is downgrade (via Time Machine) to version 2.0.4 or drop me a mail and I’ll send you an “App-Store-Free” copy of ChronoSlider 2.0.6 of course for free!