4 thoughts on “Preparing for the next exam in theoretical physics

  1. kokotoe.swe

    Dear Sir,

    How are you?

    I studied the gravitational field circulation system for many years . Now I have discovered the field model. From the model , I can drive the Newton gravitational force equation.

    Moreover, I see that the field model could explain the first stage of the Big Bang . I think that the field model make the Newton”s equation more and more expand and sophisticated.
    Once, Newton said that I discover the gravitational force equation but I do not know how the gravity works .
    My paper can answer the question How .
    I believe that everybody also understand that easily.
    I think that my paper will be used in the mathematical & theoretical Text books soon..
    I want to describe my paper in your blog to share a story idea with you .
    I send my paper to you with attached file .

    Thank You ,
    Yours sincearly ,

    55, Shinsawpu Road
    Yangon, Myanmar .

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