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The next big update of ChronoSlider will only support Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), since I’m working on iCloud support and using some awesome new features of the new operating system.

That’s why I decided to put up a quick minor update before releasing the new major version, since there were some annoying memory leaks and some highly requested features which I really want to have in the Snow Leopard version, for those who won’t update to Lion.

Besides a huge code optimization, the main new features are setting a quick alarm without an alarm text (using right click when choosing the time) and repeating alarm sounds.

I hope you’ll like it!


  1. Hello,

    I am definitely interested in this application. It looks really good. However, I have the SnowLeopard version on my Mac. Is there a way to download older versions or get the latest version that will be compatible with Snow Leopard? Thanks!

  2. Hi Leah,

    I’ll publish an updated version of ChronoSlider 1.1.2 (v. 1.2) for Snow Leopard in the next few weeks!

    Thanks for your request, I hope you can wait ;-)

  3. I am stuck with Snow Leopard for the time being, is version 1.1.2 still available to download anywhere? I would even pay…

  4. Hi Sonburn!

    Unfortunately I can’t restore the source code for the Snow Leopard version, Xcode only pops out the binary for ChronoSlider 1.1.3.

    There was a bug in that version and I don’t know if i fixed it, because the source is lost. You have to try that version and report if you’ve find some bugs.

    I’m still really busy with my exams, so no time to put all the sources together and restore some basic Snow Leopard support. I’m really sorry! But I hope version 1.1.3 is OK!

    Here is the download link:

    Best regards,

    • Awesome, thank you so much. I will have to purchase this when I get upgraded!

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