ChronoSlider ToDo List

I want to collect all your suggestions in this blog entry, so feel free to leave comments below and I’ll update the list permanently!

I’m working on the blue list entries.
The bold list entries are already implemented and will be released with the next update.
Strike throughstands for a fulfilled request ;-)

  • some new secret features :-D
  • create a “one-time” custom alarm message directly when setting a new alarm/timer (thanks Quiong)
  • reedit alarm text
  • give the option to show time in US standard (12 hour time with AM and PM, instead of a 24 hour clock) (thanks Thomasz)
  • - a way to manage and sort alarms
    - user profiles
    - sync (thanks Jan!)
  • disable alarms (thanks Johan!)
  • indicator (in the menubar) for active alarms (and make it optional, especially for JanS ;-)) 
  • option to set the “hour”-timer more accurately (half or quarter hours displayed) – (thanks Rafael!)
  • Option to make alarms persistent (pause and keep them in the list after alert. Thanks Thomas!)
  • set alarm volume independently of the system volume (thanks Michael again ;-))
  • in the “direct time”-zone, let the current time be in the middle of the screen (or let the user decide) (thanks Dominik)
  • option to disable “alarm-text-setting” for timers less than 1 hour (thanks Tomasz)
  • Chronoling tutorial (thanks Dominik)
  • automatically add newly created Chronolings to the alarm text list (thanks Dominik)
  • repeat alarm until cancelled (thanks Michael)
  • right click when choosing alarm time to set a quick alarm (without an alarm text)

I’m working heavily on full AppleScript support and on many other features right now but I’m looking forward to implement all your requests in the upcoming versions!

75 thoughts on “ChronoSlider ToDo List

  1. Dominik

    - ein Tutorial/Hilfe für eigene Chronolinge
    – neu erstellte Chronolinge sollten automatisch in die Liste der Alarmtexte eingefügt werden

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  2. Jan

    - Möglichkeit Alarme zu sortieren
    – verschiedene benutzerprofile
    – synchronisieren zwischen geräten (internet doer zumindest wlan)

  3. Tom Post author

    Das mit den Benutzerprofilen klingt interessant, ich schau mal was ich draus machen kann. Ich arbeite sowieso an einem größeren Update zur Zeit. Da wird man dann auch Alarme etc. sortieren und besser verwalten können!

    Synchronisierung kommt mit iCloud :-) (ich hoffe ich werde damit bis zum Release fertig ;-))

    1. Nettie

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  4. stefan

    Kann man in ChronoSlider (paid version) beliebige Alarmtöne auswählen? Die Auswahl in der Lite-Version ist sehr beschränkt. V.a. sind die Default-Töne so kurz dass ich befürchte sie zu überhören wenn ich nicht grad vor dem Computer sitze.

    Auf jeden Fall ein geniales UI. Gute Arbeit!

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Stefan,

      du kannst bei der “paid version” die gleichen System Sounds auswählen aber du hast die Möglichkeit eigene Befehlgesteuerte Alarme zu definieren, die AppleScript one-liner ausführen wie zum Beispiel:

      tell application “iTunes” to play “Pfad:zur:MP3Datei:im:HFS:Format:Date.mp3″

      Dann kannst du diesen Chronoling verwenden um eine Bestimmte MP3 abzuspielen.

      Das Problem mit der Lautstärke lässt sich leider nicht lösen, ich habe bereits 100% Lautstärke, allerdings hängt diese von der Systemlautstärke ab. Da gibt es leider keinen “App Store validen” Umweg.

      Es freut mich aber zu hören, dass es dir gefällt! Danke sehr :)

      1. stefan

        Ok, trotzdem wäre custom sounds gut. Vielleicht läuft ja iTunes nicht und ich möchte es auch nicht starten nur um den alarm sound abzuspielen :)

  5. Mason

    Hi there

    Love the App! Was wondering if you have any plans to support running an AppleScript script in the Chronolings as well as a single AppleScript command. Or if there is currently a way to do this?



    1. Tom Post author

      I’m glad to hear you like it! Currently there are only Applescript one-liner supported, but I’m working on the next big update with full Applescript support!

  6. roger

    how about sending an email on alarm?
    notificant used to do this, was great, but seems to be non-functional, now.

    am about to buy yours!


  7. Tsubasa

    I like this app!
    Wonder if you consider to add an option that an alarm message automatically(i.e., without clicking the message) fades out after a set delay.

  8. craig

    i bought chronoslider today, and am excited about the list of planned features for the next release.

    i would love more keyboard control — at the very least let me cancel the current timer entry with the escape key or something in case i accidentally hit my hotkey

    ideally there would also be a way to type an alarm time, for when my hand is nowhere near the mouse/trackpad.

    keep up the good work!

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Craig,
      I love to hear you like it and thanks for your feedback!

      More keyboard control is already on the way, the idea about the ability to type in the time via keyboard is nice, I’ll implement it too!

      The next update is (sry, but again) a small one and is already being approved by Apple.

      I’m still struggling with my last oral diploma exams, so there is not much time, but I’m on it ;-)

  9. JonS

    Hi, I just purchased your app and absolutely love it. The interface is ingenious! I’ve been looking for a quick-to-set timer like this for a long time. Two requests for future versions:
    – Ability to edit alarm text after an alarm has been created; some alarms will be one-off events that I don’t want to enter permanent text for under “alarm messages”.
    – I saw that you’re working on making the menubar icon indicate whether there are active alarms. What I love about setting alarms in Chronoslider is that I can then completely forget about them until the reminder(s) go off. This frees mental resources so I don’t have to continue thinking about the upcoming task. So I’d prefer that no indicator of active alarms is present in the menubar. Might you be willing to poll some people to see if this is actually a widely desired feature before implementing it? If you must implement it, could you provide a switch to turn the indicator off?

    Thanks, and now I’m off to refer Chronoslider to all the mac users I know!

      1. Tom Post author

        Hi JonS!
        The active alarm indicator will be definitely quite subtile and of course you’ll be able to turn it off :-) ChronoSlider is designed to act exactly like you described, seamless and simple, so I try to keep it so and make it even better. This is only possible with frequent user feedback so thanks for you thoughts and don’t hesitate to post them here if you’ve got more! ;-)

    1. Kacy

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  10. WAG

    Simple. Brilliant.

    I just left a review on the iTunes Canada store for the lite version.

    Then I went and bought the full version since I appreciate it when someone creates an application that fills a void that no other app fills (that I know of).

    1. Tom Post author

      I’m really glad to read you like it!

      Also many thanks for your review, you are one of about 10000, who writes one :)

      I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by the upcoming updates!

  11. ck

    Hi Tom,
    großartige App – aber das verstehe ich nicht: untere bildschirmbereich? auch ich suche nach der möglichkeit, die uhrzeit direkt einzustellen, wenn ich nicht um 08:37 ausrechnen möchte, um wie viel stunden und minuten ich einen alarm sliden muss, damit er um 14:15 losgeht.
    dennoch: tolles tool, große arbeit – thanx

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Chkucklick ;-)

      Wenn du auf Slide! drückst bzw. die Hotkey-Kombination betätigst, kannst du im oberen (Drittel) Bildschirmbereich “Abbrechen”, im mittleren Drittel einen Timer setzen (linkes Viertel: Sekunden, Mittleres 2/4: Minuten und rechtes Viertel: Stunden), und im unteren Drittel die Zeit direkt auswählen (ganz links+unten ist die aktuelle Zeit).

      Ich muss wirklich endlich mal jemanden beauftragen, der einen Screencast macht ;-)

  12. ck

    ja, klar: easy. danke für den tipp. eigentlich braucht man dafür kein screencast. naja, manche vielleicht schon ;-)
    keep up the good work

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Ben!

      I’m sorry that I dropped support for prior Mac OS X versions. The reason is: Apple introduced some awesome new APIs and Cocoa features which are only available on Lion, and I simply could not resist. They really make developing and maintaining especially the user interface much more comfortable. (I’m also working on iCloud support…)

      Well, it would be possible to make ChronoSlider compatible with earlier Mac OS X versions, but it would be a lot of work and unfortunately I’ve got not that much time. At least, not until I’m done with my last two diploma exams ;-)

  13. Ted


    after a short exploration i understood the concept and now i love it +1.

    But as mentioned above it would be great to have the following features:


    – Sort alarm list
    – Edit recurring alarms without swiping (alternate inputform)


    – Sync between Mac and iPhone
    – Use Clipboard as input when theres a time (STRG +C 14:00)

    Thank you for your engagement!

    Best regards,


    1. Ted

      I’ve forgotten one elemental feature:

      – Abort adjusting clock via swiping with ESC

      In case that you’ve forgotten the time and you have to consult your calendar …

  14. Reüel van der Steege

    Thanks for developing the app. Out of all menu bar timers in the App Store, I choose ChronoSlider to try the pomodoro technique! I like the simplicity of the app, but I think (as always) some improvements can be made (to win the Apple Design Awards next year ;-)). My feedback (feel free to do something with it or ignore it :)):

    – Add the ability to re-order items in the Alarm Messages and Chronolings lists.

    – Remove list items with backspace key (as is common in a lot of places with these kind of lists).

    – Sliding from left to right makes sense with time, but for the Alarm Messages there is no use in having to slide across the screen to see all the options and then decide. I’d prefer to see all Alarm Messages at once, so I can easily decide which one to choose.

    – The text in the menu bar doesn’t look crisp and clear. I have no idea what happened to it. (“Slide!” is clear, but the text of the alarms are not).

    – The part with the “Slide!”-button on the top, feels a little ‘developerish’ aka ‘unfinished’. Take for example Fantastical, it feels a lot more polished. Maybe it is even an option to make the whole top part a large button, I find the whitespace around it now adds unnecessary clutter.

    – When I type something in the filter field, it also gets mentioned below the “Slide!”-button: you can leave that part out, typing in the filter field is enough for users to know on what they’re filtering.

    – Tooltips for the buttons in the alarm items.

    – Where did the rounded corners at the bottom go?

    – I expected to shut down my Mac with that button to the right of the filter field, apparently it only quits the app. I’d go with a different icon, not sure exactly what, but at least it should have an ‘X’.

    – I discovered that when clicking the “Slide!”-button, the screen is split up into 3 different ‘sections’ (top: cancel, middle: minutes, bottom: exact time). I discovered it, but it’s not clear when setting an alarm that there are different options. I think you need to find a way to make that clear (and as already mentioned by others: cancel should also work with the escape key).

    – For the “Slide!”-button I’d go with a more task-centric naming. The action that the user want to do is more like “Set a timer”. Your app uses the method of sliding to accomplish the task, but in essence the user is setting a timer.

    – I have the feeling that alarms go off on the exact second that they were set. So let’s say I set a timer at 12:35:24 for 4 minutes, the alarm will be going at 12:39:24. I’d prefer (and expected) the alarm to fire at 12:39:00.

    – And to conclude: I would like to be in control of my timers. I mean that I can change the alarm text, but not the time it goes off nor after how many minutes. Now, if I change my mind about when the timer has to go off, I need to delete a timer and add a new one. Would be easier and faster to just edit the current timer.

    Many points, but as I said earlier feel free to do something with it or ignore it :) I just wanted to let you know what I think and help you continue making great apps. I don’t expect all my points to be changed in the next update or whatsoever. And to be clear: I like the app :) Also, good luck with your exams! (or have you finished yet?)

    Best regards,

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Reüel,

      thank you so much for you incredibly extensive feedback! I agree with almost everything you described (some of them are already on my internal ToDo though) and going to improve ChronoSlider with the next updates.

      There is however one thing which I probably don’t want to change: you wrote that when I set eg. a 4 minutes alarm at 12:35:24, the alarm will fire at 12:39:24. That’s correct and I designed it that way, because for example if you’re cooking eggs or set a short time interval where every second counts, it should be precise. Otherwise if you would set eg. a 2-minute timer at 12:37:59, it may fire at 12:39:00 which is exactly 1 minute and 1 second. There is an error of nearly 100% ;-) That’s why there is the direct alarm zone, where the alarm times are rounded to exact minutes.

      All the other things you summarized are really detailed, I thank you again, you’ve got a great sense of design :-)

      I hope to get more feedback from you with after the next updates ;-)

      P.S. I’m done with my last exams btw. and now working on the KM3NeT neutrino telescope :-)

      1. Reüel van der Steege

        Thank you for your reply, looking forward to the next version :D

        I didn’t know that setting an alarm for the exact time would fire at the beginning of a minute. I tried it and it works, I think that – with your explanation – it is fine the way you designed it.

        Happy programming!

  15. stuart

    Hi. I saw the review on LifeHacker and wasn’t sure if was something I would use. I seem to recall utilizing a widget for a countdown but I was intrigued and have just downloaded the free app to get a sense. (I’m not sure what the diff is b/w the two.) Sorry to ask rudimentary questions but how do i set the alarm to go past 1 hour intervals (e.g., 75 minutes, 90 min) not just at the hours? AND, how do I label what the alarm is for as shown in the pics? thanks

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Stuart,

      sorry but setting alarms for 75 minutes or 90 minutes is currently not directly implemented. In the next version, you will be able to set your own ranges of the time slices (e.g. 1-120 minutes etc.). At the moment, just use the direct time setting area (at the bottom third of the screen).

      The lite version doesn’t allow to edit the alarm text, it is implemented in the paid version!

      Best regards,

  16. mklement

    Great app; looking forward to updates such as ESC for canceling, specifying interval/time of day with keyboard, choosing timer text/Chronoling from pick list or, while typing, via auto-complete, in-place modification of interval/time in list, reordering/sorting the list.

    – Would be nice to have the timer list auto-resize to show as many timers at once as are currently defined/will fit on the screen.

    – Would be nice if we also had a global hotkey to bring up the timer list.

    – The following may venture too far into task-scheduler territory, but it would be nice to be able to schedule different types of frequencies, such as *weekly* timers.

    From the niggling department:
    – The keep-in-list-icon in the timer list looks too much like a stop-playback symbol, which is confusing. Perhaps use a pin icon?
    – When sliding, a rough grid display to speed up homing in on the desired interval/time would be helpful.
    – When sliding, devoting 1/3 of the screen real estate to canceling seems like overkill (esp. once ESC to cancel will be implemented).

    Thanks for listening,


    1. Tom Post author

      Thanks Michael (again ;-) )

      I added all your suggestions to my todo-list and I can tell you that weekly timers are already implemented in the current beta ;-) I found a really simple solution which also adds some more options without blowing up the whole App (as I struggle to keep it simple and clean).

      The pin icon is a great idea, I never liked that stop-playback symbol ;-)

  17. Pingback: ChronoSlider Help and FAQ | Tamás Gál's Blog

  18. Doug

    I’ve been looking for a good timer app and this just might be the one that I actually spend some money on. This app looks to have some of the best potential from various timer apps I’ve tried. Most are either too simple (one timer), or too complicated to setup a timer. Some thoughts, based on using the ‘Lite’ version currently, which btw, thanks for providing, I hate buying apps without being able to try them out:

    1. The usage pictures are lacking in detail to understand how you use the app. I’d consider putting a screencast up to show how you use this. The usage descriptions didn’t do it justice. If there had been no free version available, I would have skipped it as I’d not have gotten enough of a clue on how it works to make an evaluation.

    2. When I started the app, it took me a little bit to understand what was going on. A short tutorial wouldn’t hurt. For instance, I didn’t get that moving the mouse to the bottom sets an alarm based on the time of day, not based on a timer. Part of the problem with that was that AM/PM isn’t set by default. And while your at that, when the app is started for the first time, ask for important preferences, like a global hot-key and AM/PM settings (which should default to AM/PM I’m thinking).

    3. Someone else mentioned a global hotkey for seeing the current timer list. I second, and third that motion!

    4. It would be nice to be able to control how far the mouse has to move to activate certain features. I use a 30″ display, and it seems like to get to ‘Cancel’ I have to move into the top 25% of the screen which is a fairly big mouse move. With a trackpad, some of these moves may not be quite so bad, but with my big screen and mouse, I feel like I have to throw the mouse a fair distance to provide input. It’d be nice if I could adjust where the trigger areas are so I could adjust how much I have to move my mouse to create an alarm.

    5. I really like the slide to create an alarm, but I also have a lot of standard timers I use (15mins, 1hr, 2hrs, etc) that I use to manage tasks. Like I may start a task that I know I want to be done within 30 mins always, like say reading my morning RSS feed list, or waiting 1hr for an upgrade in Battle Nations to complete. I don’t really want to setup a new timer every time, I’d just like to pick from some predefined list of timers. Currently, I use Menu Clock 2, and I setup a number of timers, with certain durations, and i can just start the ones I want. It’d be cool if I could click some hotkey, and a panel would popup with some pre-defined timers that I could click on and trigger one.

    6. How about add scroll wheel support for adjusting the timer instead of just having to move the mouse?

    7. So apparently it looks like I can schedule up to 60 minutes, and then it jumps up to hour increments? But what if I need 90 minutes? Or 65? There needs to be some way to schedule time increments more granularly beyond an hour.

    8. And although I really like the simple mouse control for setting the timer, a simple text entry, hot key triggered, would be really handy, especially if it offered smart data entry, like Fantastical does. Something where I might be able to type 2h3m and it automatically understands what i mean, or 75 and it figures I mean minutes.

    9. The current timer list shows when the timer will go off, but not how much time is left. For that I have to look at the timer, check my clock, do a little quick math in my head and understand that i have 22 minutes left (timer set to go off at 1140, and its 1118 currently). I’d like to see a live status of how much time is left.

    10. How about an option for an onscreen display of the timer list? Something semi-transparent that could be positioned wherever and would just mimc the menu bar list, maybe have a quick text entry timer input field, but would allow me to generally always see my timers.

    11. I can only set a daytime timer for up to 24 hrs apparently. Yeah, I can see the question be “Why do I need a timer for more than 24 hrs, why not use iCal / Fantastical / Reminders, etc”. And yeah, you may have a point, but at the same time I often use timers vs calendar events for different purposes. Perhaps I’m gluing some boards together and I need 48 hrs to cure. I might rather just setup a 2 day timer.

    12. There is a weather app called Partly Cloudy that takes a different tact to setting the time of the day, by using a clock face that you can drag the time of day around to see the weather forecast for that particular time of day. I could see something like that might be interesting for setting a time of day alarm, although controlling the fine detail between the hour and minutes could probably be a little cumbersome. For the weather, it makes sense, as who needs to know the weather for 3:13pm. But its one of those thinking outside the box approaches that really works well.

    I look forward to seeing how this app progresses. I really like that you thought outside of the box for how to setup the timer, in a way that actually is pretty useful, versus just being different and not particularly an improvement.

    1. Tom Post author

      Thanks for you very comprehensive feedback! Some of the features are already implemented in the paid version, others are “in progress”. I added all other requests to my to-do list, I hope you will like the next updates!

      A tutorial video is also on the way, I’ll probably publish it in september :-)

    2. Blue

      hey,yo tambien soy victima de mi mujer!por lo que pude descubrir en este blog,no soy solo el unaes…pcnoir que asi lo creia?que puedo hacer?alguien puede aconsejarme?

  19. Doug

    More control over the alarm. Maybe this is in the paid version.

    Like when playing the sound, I’d like it to repeat a number of times, not just play once. That way if I’m in a different room, I’ll be more likely to hear it going off.

    How about being able to play an iTunes track?

    Or control over how loud the sound is.

    Maybe an alarm snooze. Or an alarm scaling (start softly, scale up to loud).

  20. Doug

    Does your alarm clock wake the computer from the sleep mode ? I always put my computer to sleep and therefore this program will not work for me if it will not wake up my computer and sound the alarm.

    Thanks, Doug

  21. Dave

    First, let me say that I love Slide! Great job! I would love to see a way to edit the alarm time (and maybe even the text) from the menu bar drop down list. Today I needed an alarm for 4 hours and 48 minutes, so I had to set it for 4 hours and when it went off set it again for 48 minutes. I wouldn’t want you to change the main interface as that is Slide’s strength, but allowing us to change the time or number of hours and minutes manually would be awesome.
    Thanks again for a great app,

    1. Dave

      I should have read Doug’s very comprehensive post first and I would have known that I just had to move the mouse down to begin setting my Slide based on Time, which is what I was trying to do. However, the ability to edit one would still be nice as sometimes you know in advance that a meeting got moved back 30 minutes and stuff like that and it would be nice to be able to update the current slide.

  22. Hugh

    I would love to see the ability to have predetermined timers based on length of time and not on time on the clock. I often study for determined periods of time and would love to setup timers based on those blocks.

    Love the app. Very simple.

  23. MH

    Really enjoying chronoslider (paid version)

    My suggestion: add one more button to the right of Restart/stop — Alarm Lifetime — Remove. The new button’s tooltip could be something like “sound” and its graphic maybe a bell. Dropdown options on this control would be “Default” or “Custom”. Default would simply mean the same settings as on the lower half of the General tab on your prefs box. (You could add the words “default alarm sound” to this part of your prefs box to make clear these settings apply by default on any alarm.) “Custom” would bring up a duplicate version of these alarm sound settings, but which would apply only to that individual alarm.

    I want some alarms to repeat sounding until I turn them, others to sound but once. I would also like to select different sounds for different alarms. This mod would enable me to do that, without really threatening your basic Simple, Quick, Functional design objectives.

    1. Tom Post author

      That’s definitely something which is coming with the next version. I already updated the GUI and added also individual alarm sounds, so don’t worry :-)

      As far I’m releasing 2.0.5 with the next update (already in the review queue) which is a minor update, but 2.1 will follow soon!


  24. Guy

    This app is one of the best timers, especially since it is so discreet when it needs to be, but when the timer rings, there isn’t any doubt that it went off. There is a slight problem with the new update though. The idea behind setting the timers is beautiful, but the new update ruins some of that. The option to set alarms at intervals within hours far away is very nice, but when you move your mouse across the screen to find the right time, the text jumps around *a lot*, making it impossible to follow with the eye while the mouse is moving. My job isn’t to develop the software, but could I suggest anchoring the number representing the hours, as well as the “h”, and having the fractions appear in the middle, and disapear when they are not needed. I feel this would really help with the eyestrain. Other than that minor point, I really like the software. Thanks! :D

    1. Tom Post author

      Thanks Guy!

      I’ll fix that ;-)

      At the moment I’m fighting with Apple because they don’t approve the current version (2.0.6), since “putting Mac into sleep” is not allowed anymore… Yeaha :P

  25. Jeff

    I’d really like to be able to easily re-order the alarm messages so that I can more easily slide to the ones I want while creating a new alarm.

  26. Liv

    I like this software very much, it’s so discreet and effective… but I find that when the computer goes stand-by the time is reset. E.g At 21:00, I set the timer for 20 minutes (it shows that will go off at 21.20), then the computer goes in stand -by mode, when I wake it up at 21.10 the timer shows 21.30…

    1. Tom Post author

      Hi Liv!

      The timers are “reset” after a wake up. So if you define a timer for 20 minutes, it will be reset each time you click on the pause/play button or restart/login to/wake-up your Mac. It was kind of a trade-off to deal with this behaviour and this was the one, which confused more less.
      If you use direct time alarms instead of (count down) timers (just slide to the bottom of the screen when setting an alarm), then your Mac will of course go to sleep at the time you set.

      I hope I could help! I’m working on a complete redesign for ChronoSlider btw. there will be some new stuff regarding that :-)

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          While I agree with the premise, they started out this period with Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp and a whole lot of talent that the Cubs di1#;n82d7&t have for a variety of reasons.

  27. Andi

    Wenn ich mein neues MacBook in den Ruhezustand versetzte, funktioniert Chronoslider danach nicht mehr. Das Symbol ist noch in der Menüleiste aber es reagiert nicht mehr und meldet auch keine Alarme. Hatte auf dem Rechner davor auch Mountain Lion drauf und da funktionierte alles einwandfrei.

  28. Pingback: ChronoSlider iOS Mobile App ID 439549600

  29. pooh

    I am using your program to remind me that the bidding for some of my ebay items is almost over or the food in the oven is done.

    For this purpose I would like to have the following 3 options:

    – We can chose exact time i.e. 2h 1m 30s either by additional slider or by the keyboard typing;
    – The notification sound is too short, but it can be repeated (like an alert) by N-times;
    – Further improvement is to have the time left like the system clock ;

    Thank You and Good luck with this challenge.

  30. Bill White

    Since I’ve updated to Yosemite, ChronoSlider is much harder to use. I cannot launch it from the menubar unless I actually find and run the application itself, at which point the menu icon will drop down and function. Any updates planned anytime soon?


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