ChronoSlider Help and FAQ

I don’t have much time these days, but I promise I’ll write a full documentation about ChronoSlider soon! Right now I added a small FAQ where I list the most frequently asked questions in mails I get from you (thanks though!).

Chronoslider FAQ

What is a Chronoling?
Instead of displaying an alarm text at a specified time, you can “call” a Chronoling which executes an AppleScript command on your Mac. So let’s say, you’re working at home and want to take a nap on the couch, but not longer than half an hour. You simply hit your hotkey to set a timer for 30 minutes but instead of choosing a simple alarm message (white text), you hit the “Play iTunes” Chronoling (Chronolings are displayed with a blue text). After 30 minutes, the Chronoling gets called and executes the AppleScript one-liner: tell application “iTunes” to play.
If you create your own Chronolings, they will automatically appear in the “Alarm Messages” list, so they’re showing when setting a new alarm or timer.

How can I execute a more complex Apple Script?
Thanks Michael for pointing this out! You can use a one liner to execute a script on your local hard drive with this line of code:

run script “/path/to/YourScript.scpt”

That’s it ;-) But in there will be full Apple Script support soon!

I used ChronoSlider (Lite) and liked it so much, that I bought ChronoSlider. Now I need to click twice to set a simple alarm message. Is there a way to set a quick alarm with only one click?
Yes, in a few days! I added “right click” recognition in version 1.1.2 (which will be released in couple of days after version 1.1.1), so you when you define the alarm time, you can simply right click and the alarm-text-choose-procedure will be skipped. The newly created alarm gets automatically the alarm message “Quick Alarm”.

ChronoSlider is a way too simple for me. Could you add more complex time management functions?
Well, ChronoSlider meant to be simple, quick, non distractive and functional. The main purpose is setting a timer/reminder as fast as possible, without interrupting your daily workflow. Although I will definitely keep it lightweight and don’t want to blow it up humongous functionalities, feel free to drop me a mail if you have any feature requests and I’ll see what I can do! You can also post a comment below my ChronoSlider ToDo List.


26 thoughts on “ChronoSlider Help and FAQ

  1. Ken Gilbert

    Just bought Chronoslide.
    How do I select a Chronoling other than the ones I created with the command say “”. The ones that are there under Chronolings are not selectable when I slide the mouse. Only the last 2 I created are available.
    The default ones do not appear as options when I slide the mouse.
    I tried muted and unmuted.

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  2. Ali

    LOVE your app!!! Can you pls tell me what the Global Hot key does and how to use it. I’m not able to type directly into the little box that says “short cut” when I have global hot key selected or not selected.

    Thanks for a brilliant app.



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